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Roy Rogers Theatrical Ads

These twin ads for Roy Rogers appeared in Theatres. One involved text animation. The job of Flatland was to develop a sense of humor, nostalgia, and put a grin on the face of the viewers.

The first concept was a cowboy of a bucking bronco that matched other branding imagery in-store locations. We gathered reference and created unique animation that merged seamlessly into the “cowboy and horse” graphic already in use. We added distressed printing, along with film grain and grit to feel like an old film.

The second concept was broad: the word “Howdy” – and make it fun… and make sure it smiles at the end. We explored a lot of typefaces and movement for this simple-sounding but difficult-to-achieve task.

We wanted the movement of the individual letters to be fun – but always maintain the collective read of the word. We added a drawn wiggle to the edgework of the text forms, and experimented with numerous playful bounces, dances, and slip-n-slides until we finally landed on a pleasant, charming final collection of gyrations that made both the agency and the client happy enough to smile along with us.

We hope you’re smiling too!