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Bitcubs Pilot: Operation Cashflow

This is an excerpt scene from the Bit Cubs pilot episode: Operation Cashflow.

All storyboarding and animation was done by Flatland Creative. Show creator Amber Manry approached Flatland with this unique show concept with the goal of teaching children about coding and programming concepts, in an entertaining manner.

The bitcubs are an international software development team comprised of animal cubs that live in Bitmond zoo. Governor Carena of Bitginia summons the bitcubs at night to fix broken code and thwart the evil lord Bugnacious.

Kids can even test what you’ve learned by playing this Kahoot game!


Creator: Amber Cajulis Manry

Head of Animation: Elias Dancey (Flatland)

Character Designer: Maeve McGrath, Elias Dancey and Lauren Fleming

Storyboard Artist and Concept Designer: Lauren Fleming (Flatland)

Sound Studio:

In Your Ear Sound Engineer: Paul Bruski

Voice Talent:

Open Curly, Ida If, Negative Nelly: Kera O’ Bryon

Close Curly, Billy Break, Larry Loop, Sleepy Sam: Scott Wichmann

Pia: Lauren Fleming

Carena: Grey Garrett

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