Flatland’s animators have over 16 years of experience producing digital material for web based campaigns from banner ads, landing pages and HTML emails, to complex interactive landing pages and games.


We produce banner ads that are effective across platforms. We engage both in the concept and design as well as technical requirements and standards. We’re rolled out campaigns with dozens of creative, animated HTML5 units – and we’ve mass produced campaigns that have consisted of over a thousand units!

From developing rich animation in HTML5, to matching graphics in broadcast or print campaign elements – we care about design, quality, creativity, and engagement.

And to make sure your work always look it’s best, we perform live tests on Mac, Windows8, Windows10, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone devices and on Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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We have created hundreds of HTML emails that lead to matching landing pages, and hundreds more that show off holiday movie trailers and special offers. It might not be as flashy, but Email is an important piece of any digital campaign. With such as large canvas to work with, it can also be one of the boldest pieces of online messaging at your command.

Special care must be given to HTML Emails because the various email clients all render HTML differently.  At Flatland we design with an eye for art and messaging – and part of that is seamless technical development, so that everyone will see your Email regardless of their platform.

We used sophisticated Email testing software, but nothing beats live-tests on real world devices. We test all of our HTML Emails on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone including Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.


Creative interactivity online has only increased in potential since the adoption of HTML5, where clever, animated experiences can appear on any device.  For the “Stephen’s Mailbox” project we created animated banner ads that lead to an interactive landing page that invites users to select various ways to prevent Stephen from experiencing pain.

Flatland animators also worked on Movin’ Mania, producing multiple online games and videos.  The sizzle reel below, also created for the website, shows off the characters, concepts, and screen captured game play.  

Flatland artists have also create artwork and characters for mobile games and applications.