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Designing Small Stuff


Designing the Small Stuff

At Flatland, we’re known for character animation. No matter how much design, motion graphics, live action, post production, 3D CGI, or interactive appears in our portfolio – the cartoons stand out! It’s why we push them as such as bold choice for advertising. They naturally draw attention. That’s a powerful tool for marketing.

Not every project calls for fantastic characters like animation can provide. In “The Smile on Your Face” we not only provided creative direction, on set direction and post production – we also designed something as small as the website that appears in the opening seconds of the music video. This small piece of art is only seen for a moment, but was essential for the early staging of of the story.

In the award winning feature film “The Maladjusted” we designed the book jacket for the novel authored by the lead character. The cover include our own photography, and full wrap around design for use as a working prop on set.¬†We also designed FX transitions within the film.

For ClearPoint’s “All About the Benjamin’s” web series, Flatland produced more than video and animation. For “xPhone 11” a full page magazine ad needed to be created. And for “Skinny Slap” various infomercial graphics and motion graphics needed to be produced for this mock television spot along with the “Chubby’s Extra Chub” Ice Cream commercial.

For “House of Credit Cards” we created title graphics, on-screen text bubbles, and a simple phone texting screen where Frank could receive his SMS messages.