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Frog Song!

Frog Song


Below is the final recording of a new song by singer-songwriter (and Flatland Animator) Lauren Fleming.

The song is for a new piece of animation about a little girl discovering how tadpoles grow into frogs, and her curiosity and passion for animals and learning about biology.

The project, currently under production, is directed by Elias Dancey with design, storyboards, animation and music contributions from Lauren Fleming.


Backyard Pencils

pencil test animation for Backyard


Backyard is a story about everyday things that take place in an average persons backyard.

The goal was to return to a classic style of animation, focused on detailed, subtle movements and frame-by-frame drawing.

Below you can view a few character sketches and storyboards.  Even early sketches provide more than just anatomy and design, but also include personality.  The lazy, carefree nature uses features like quarter eyes and a large belly.

The video below shows early pencil test animation. Later each line is redrawn, paying close attention to the final character design and colored. The mouse wasn’t the only thing animated by hand. All of the shadows on the character were drawn in one frame at a time to help simulate the lighting of the live-action background footage.

You can view the finished piece on our ANIMATION page.