Elias Dancey - Creative Director & Lead Animator

Mark Trotter - Art Director & Lead Animator
Lead Character & Concept Artist

Lauren Fleming - Lead Character & Concept Artist


It is our belief that the best marketing is Animated; and that the best animation is for Marketing.

IT’S SIMPLE. Complex ideas can be made clear with strong animated graphics. Animation can be conceptual, metaphoric, or representational. Complicated information can be made easy to grasp.

IT’S UNIVERSAL. Animated pitchmen stand the test of time. They become marketing and business assets. They are timeless. Ageless. While live action is relatable – animation is universal. Universal to the audience – while being 100% specific to your brand.

IT’S SPECIFIC. Nothing becomes as immediately recognizable for a brand, service, or product than an animated graphic or character. The iconic nature of graphics and animation increases memory recall and powerful instant identification.

IT’S FUN. There is little need to suspend your disbelief in an animated adventure. An audience has already willingly made that giant leap of imagination when they accept the absurd notion that drawings are alive. They want to go along for the ride. A special effect in live action might make a cool scene – but one the audience KNOWS isn’t possible. But anything can happen in animation. It isn’t phony here. It isn’t a violation of reality in this new land. And when anything can happen – your messaging truly is free to roam as widely and as wildly as your imagination. 

IT’S BOLD. Animation is the big guns. Animation is your secret weapon. It draws attention. It stands out. Nothing is more powerful. 


The Flatland studio is situated in Shockoe Bottom, Richmond’s vibrant production district.  The 18,000 square foot facilities, built in 1999, are hidden behind four antebellum row houses.

It is not uncommon to see drawings, storyboards or concept art posted to the walls, or a half-built miniature set and models for a our recent venture into stopmotion. We work on computers and drawing monitors, or roll our chairs over to the traditional animation lightboxes just a few feet away.

Mixed up amongst our award statuettes are dozens of toys and figurines.  If that doesn’t convince you we like to play hard as well, we invite you to enjoy our 80’s PAC MAN arcade game, or sit back and enjoy some PS4, XBOX-ONE or Wii U.

The building is also home to In Your Ear, a high end audio and music studio and a powerful on-location collaborator Flatland.  In Your Ear is where Chris Brown recorded F.A.M.E., winner of the 2012 Grammy for Best R&B album. It is where thousands of television and radio spots have been scored, recorded and mixed for companies such as Coke, Geico, Kraft Foods, McDonalds and others. It is also the facility tapped by top Hollywood producers for dialog production on movies like “The Help”, “Gladiator” and television shows including “The Family Guy”, “Person of Interest”, and “Sleepy Hollow”.


Ken Kobrick, Necessary Recycling 

“Flatland has top notch animators & graphic artists. Our search to fill this need ended when we meet Elias Dancey and worked with his team. I recommend Flatland to any company that needs anything from animation to web site development & everything in between.”

Allie Vered, ClearPoint

“I have worked with Elias and Studio Flatland for the past five years and in that time, they have become an integral part of our marketing team, from ideation through to creative execution. I first began working with Elias on a series of animated TV ads. At that time, I told him I would be his ‘worst client ever’, since I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and took the creative lead. From the beginning, Elias has been very easy to work with: eager, flexible, adaptable, open to ideas, and wonderfully creative. He consistently looks for ways to add value and is able to think through projects, providing unique suggestions on how to visually communicate what are often challenging concepts. Since that first successful animation project, Elias has assisted in many different capacities on a diverse range of video and animation pieces, including script writing, directing, filming, editing (as well as voice work, sound, music) and animating. I have come to rely on his creative voice and his valuable perspective, and often include him at the earliest stages of developing marketing content. He goes above and beyond to ensure projects come in on time, on budget and he strives to provide not only the highest quality work, but also service. It has been a pleasure to work with his company. I highly recommend Studio Flatland.”

Flatland Animation Studio is located in renovated row houses in historic downtown Richmond